Beneath the Canopy: The Story of Tree of a Kind's Makers

Beneath the Canopy: The Story of Tree of a Kind's Makers

Welcome to our new blog, Rooted In Passion: A Sustainability Blog; where we hope to bring you useful tips that can help you live a sustainable life. 

What better way to start than by introducing ourselves...

Tree Of A Kind is a small business that specializes in handcrafted wooden Christmas trees and home decor made from recovered and sustainably sourced timber. The founders of Tree Of A Kind are Naomi and Adnan, a Mum & Dad team who share a love for woodwork, design, and decorating sustainably.

In 2022, our Grand Naked Oak Christmas Trees were featured in a Normanhurst bricks and mortar store.

Naomi's journey towards Tree Of A Kind was a little less direct. She holds a doctorate in Medical Research and has a keen sense of adventure and challenge. She forged a career in skin cancer and corneal diseases before starting Tree Of A Kind with Adnan.

Adnan, on the other hand, has always had a passion for woodwork. He has been working with wood for over 20 years in the timber flooring industry and often spends his downtime in his workshop. During his time in this profession, he constantly witnesses the tremendous amounts of timber waste associated with construction jobs. The finest timber is usually reserved for furniture and timber flooring and a lot of it was ending up in landfill. How could we be letting it go to waste?

Together, Naomi and Adnan bring their unique skills, passion and extensive craftsmanship to create beautiful and sustainable decor and jewellery that are handmade from recovered timber flooring and parquetry. They believe that sustainable does not mean sacrificing design and beauty, rather challenging the 'traditional' while giving something to future generations to savor and enjoy.

Find us at local markets across Sydney - look for our unique timber signage all made from parquetry flooring waste! Follow us on our social media (Instagram: @tree.ofakind) to find out where we'll be!

Naomi and Adnan are the designers and makers behind every product at Tree Of A Kind. They believe in creating unique and sustainable products that are not only beautiful but also environmentally friendly. They are committed and take pride in using only recovered timber flooring and sustainably sourced timber to create their products. 

By choosing Tree Of A Kind, customers can feel good about supporting a small business that is making a positive impact on the environment. 

Hi and Welcome to Tree Of A Kind. 

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